Attendee Agenda

Join us for a one-day (Thursday, June 9 2022) event to learn marketing techniques to grow your business as well as help raise awareness for Living in Liberty, a great local nonprofit.

Check-ins start at 8. Sessions begin at 10. We will cap off the event with a happy hour at a local, to be determined location.

During the sessions, teams will be competing to build the best 12 month marketing campaign for Living with Liberty.  Your entry fee will help fund the campaign for the next 12 months.

Goals, Impact, & Reporting to measure Success

This session will dig into how you should plan Stretch Goals and SMART Goals that will impact your growth goals and how to report on them.  Seeing a clear picture is critical in your marketing and sales efforts so you can focus in on your strengths and fix your weaknesses.

Building a Lead Gen Content Strategy

Shift your perspective to your customer’s point of view.  This session explores the concepts of Heroes and Missions and how you can define both to create a compelling story that helps guide your customer’s to success while positioning you as an expert and trusted authority.

Geotargeting & Audiences for Facebook

Geolocation and audience segments play a critical role in how you approach your social media marketing efforts. This session will cover ways to leverage Facebook to geographically target the right message to the right audience.

Getting Traffic: How to Maximize Your SEO

Getting eyeballs to your message is critical.  This session reviews SEO at a high level and also digs into some technical SEO and strategies used to improve your visibility in the Google Search Results Pages.

Learn how to find Website Fixes that Increase Leads

Improving usability, engagement, and conversions is a never ending task with managing a website.  This session reviews the principles of Growth Driven Design and how you can make impactful changes to your website based on user behavior rather than hunches. 

Ask Me Anything: Pittsburgh Marketing Agency Leaders Open Up

This is an, “Ask Me Anything” session lead by three Pittsburgh Marketing Agencies.  If you have questions about Marketing Automation, Sales Enablement, or other Marketing questions, ask away during this session.

$99 Pass for All Sessions and Event

We have 5 exceptional sessions designed to touch on a variety of topics to help your business grow. 

Each Session is 45 minutes to an hour.

Thursday, June 9
9:00am – 6:00pm

Memorial Park Church
8800 Peebles Rd. Allison Park 15101