Register your Marketing Team for Pittsburgh PUSH!

Building your team…

Each Marketing Team will consist of five team members and develop their own marketing campaign around the established framework for the nonprofit Living with Liberty and have the opportunity to pitch the campaign to Living with Liberty and the Leadership group at the end of the day.

A team registration fee of $100 is required to compete. If you are in need of a sponsor, indicate that in your entry.

Register Your Marketing Team

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The Strategist

The Strategist

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How it works…

One day, one marketing campaign, one winner.  Pittsburgh PUSH is a one-day marketing competition in Pittsburgh, PA that will pit marketing teams against one another to create and deliver a turnkey marketing campaign for the nonprofit, “Living in Liberty“. Teams will be presented with a campaign framework and will need to work together to create the approach and deliver the creative at the end of the day.  Presented campaigns will be assessed by “Living with Liberty” and the Pittsburgh PUSH leadership team. 

The winning team will walk away with the thrill of being champion and the knowledge they are helping an amazing organization in their Mission.